Wisc. Wolves Attacking Dogs at Record Pace

While Wisconsin continues to wait for federal approval to hold a wolf season, its wolves are attacking dogs at a record pace. In 2009 wolves killed at least 23 dogs and injured 11. Many of these attacks were on gundogs during fall hunting seasons and summer training sessions. By May of this year, at least nine attacks on dogs had already occurred. The stories are heartbreaking. From Wisconsin Outdoor News:

[Residents] say wolves have come into their yards deliberately seeking out their dogs for "sport" or as food.

Tim and Kathy Bay, of Glidden, saw their 7-year-old Lab, Ruger, killed by wolves in May. Tim Bay said it appeared the wolves came to the edge of their yard and lured Ruger into the woods and attacked him. Ruger was eaten by the wolves, except for about a 10-inch piece of his spine and a portion of one lower rear leg.

Don't get me wrong, I do not agree with the extreme notion that all wolves should be killed. They deserve healthy, stable populations just like all other animals; but, also like all other animals, wolves need to be managed.

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