At least my dog has never done this

My dog has done plenty of things to disappoint and anger meurinating on a date's shoe, throwing up in a friend's car (in his defense, Jeff Johnston was driving) and eating a $20 bill out of my walletbut at least he's never run me over with my own truck.

The highlights:

Searching for oil leaks underneath his pickup truck, Christopher Bishop placed his Ford F-150 in neutral and left the driver's door open.

Unwittingly, Bishop also left himself vulnerable to his rambunctious bulldog, Tassey.

According to a Hernando County Sheriff's Office report, Tassey hopped into the truck and jumped around in the front seat, knocking it into gear and causing it to roll over the left side of Bishop's body.

And ...

... after several hours of intense pain, Bishop finally decided to call for medical attention. Asked why he waited so long to seek help, Bishop told deputies that he doesn't like doctors.

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