Vegans and the Quest For Purity

Here's a rare glimpse of the philosophy behind vegans' mindset, and why it is at odds with the natural world.

The Summary: Author Harold Fromm does a terrific job of explaining the flawed rationale of vegans. He says that vegans feel guilty for human encroachment on nature, but they fail to realize that they are part of nature, and so everything they do, even if it’s with the best “live-and-let live" intentions, affects other things in the food chain that like us, are programmed for one thing—survival. For example, if one walks across a field to plant a garden, one kills millions of microorganisms with each step. Fromm reminds us, “Without war on animals, there would be no vegetables for the vegans.” He says vegans are on a moral quest to find purity (i.e. to leave no carbon footprint) but that the only true form of purity by their own rationale, is their own death.

Recommended Gear: H&R 1871 shotgun; skinning knife kit

Alternate Headline:  Vegans: To Find Purity, Die or Eat a Deer

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