U.S. pockets 20.6 billion in sin taxes in '09

Some call it a sin, others call it procuring food, protecting your family and saving wildlife.

The Headline:  U.S. pockets 20.6 billion in sin taxes in FY’ 09

The Summary:  Reuters reports that the U.S. government reaped huge profits through taxation of cigarettes, booze and guns in 2009.  Monies gained from firearms and ammo increased 45 percent from the prior year.

Jeff’s Take: It’s great that people are buying guns, but I’d hardly call guns a "sin tax," unless, of course, the government and Reuters view feeding and protecting your family a sin. "Sin taxes" are designed to reduce the purchase of specific items via financial penalty, rather than banning it outright. Unlike booze or cigs, however, hunters have voluntarily placed taxes on themselves because they know that via the Pittman Robertson Act, their money will be used to pay for the lion’s share of wildlife conservation projects. It is obvious, however, that the leftist media does not acknowledge this fact. It makes me wonder: Is saving wildlife a sin, too?

Recommended Gear: Winchester PowerMax bullets are relatively inexpensive “wildlife conservers,” as is the Savage Model 11 rifle.

Alternate Headline Hunters Are Heroes, Not Sinners

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1 Response to U.S. pockets 20.6 billion in sin taxes in '09

Jenny F. wrote:
July 20, 2010

You said it brother...