Would the Top Shot Champion Go Hunting with Me?

Top Shot champion Iain Harrison is one of our industry's new shooting stars (pun intended), and he's been all over the air waves this week following his $100,000 victory in the History Channel's ingenious reality competition. 

Yesterday I caught up with Iain for an upcoming article for AmericanRifleman.org. Iain is one interesting dude; a fun-loving, British-born part-time competition shooter and full-time owner of a construction company. 

We chatted for about 20 minutes on everything from his feelings on his homeland's stance on guns, his thoughts about his fellow cast members and even how the food was in the Top Shot house. Iain's a great guy and seems deserving of his payday. 

But near the end of our interview he mentioned something that piqued my interest--he loves to deer hunt. 

We all know that guns and hunting go together, heck, I wouldn't have a job if that wasn't the case, but here's a former British army officer who doesn't seem like he would have a passion for much more than the tools of the military and competition shooting trade. Wrong. 

Here's an excerpt from our interview: 

BO: Do you hunt at all or no?

IH: I used to before I moved to Oregon, but I haven’t had the time since I moved here from New York.

BO: Yeah, what’d you hunt over there?

IH: Back in New York, I was a huge fanatical whitetail hunter for about three months of the year. I would hunt with my bow to start off with, and then in regular season, I'd head out with a shotgun or muzzleloader. 

BO: You didn’t kill any big deer did you?

IH: I killed some pretty nice deer.

BO: You’re better than me in almost every way, man. So, let’s talk a bit about hunting. What are your thoughts about it now? Do you want to get back into it? 

IH: Yeah, right now my time is kind of restricted, but if I had the opportunity, I’d love to get out and hunt elk out here in the western states, there is a significant elk population in Oregon. I love the Pacific Northwest, just the look of the nature is great.

BO: I’m a big whitetail hunter, we’re out here in Virginia and Maryland, we’re not blessed with biggest deer or the most land, but we’re trying pretty hard to knock ‘em down.

IH: How many have you hit with your truck so far?

BO: Haha, I've dodged a few on the interstate. 

Not a substantive conversation, I know, but a good tidbit for a Friday afternoon. Good huntin' and have a great weekend! 

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