Putin Fires Darts At Grey Whale

The Russian president Vladamir Putin is a man's man, but an American Hunter he is not.

The Headline: Putin fires darts at gray whale from crossbow

The Summary: Yahoo news reports that Russian president Vladamir Putin recently darted a whale with a crossbow for “conservation” purposes.


Jeff’s Take: I realize that this Russian Rambo is posturing for his constituents like a would-be John-Wayne-for-Congress campaign, and I’m not too thrilled with our old arch-enemy’s stance on Iran’s nuclear proliferation, but as I man I admire him. I might even have a man-crush. I doubt if I’d like the ex-commie as a president, but I wouldn’t mind inviting this male version of Sarah Palin on a boar hunt with spears or something. I mean, he’s a whale darting, polar bear shooting politician who could probably whip James Bond’s bare behind in a game of high-stakes pigeon shooting. But try as he might, he'll never be an American Hunter, the world's foremost conservationist. And we have something that can counter the rough and tumble Ruskie like a hard stare in a poker hand, and this warhead ain't Ronnie Reagan's policies. Nope, it’s NRA member and God’s-own-man-crush Chuck Norris. How’s that for a nuclear option, Vlado? 


Recommended Gear: Ten Point crossbow; Russian/KGB technology nightvision binos; "The Ultimate Man's Survival Guide" by Frank Miniter


Alternate Headline: Putin’s Cool; But We've Got the Nuclear Option

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