Do You Wrap Your Doves in Bacon?

My friends, the greatest time of year is upon us: Dove season has opened across the country! One of the things I look forward to most about the unofficial start of fall is the chance to munch on doves, but I must confess: I cheat. You see, I wrap my doves in bacon. It's impossible to screw up and always results in nugget-sized morsels of concentrated deliciousness.

According to HuntFishCook, however, at least I'm not alone. A whopping 60-percent of respondents to a HuntFishCook dove recipe survey admit to bacon-wrapping. Check out the results and the dove-preparation tips. There are also a lot of good dove recipes, some of which, like this recipe for dove kabobs (see photo), don't even require bacon.


Of course, to enjoy bacon-wrapped doves you have to go dove hunting. I didn't make it out for today's opener, but tomorrow will find me in a sunflower patch on Maryland's Eastern Shore with a box or two of 7 1/2's. Happy dove season, folks!

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3 Responses to Do You Wrap Your Doves in Bacon?

Maurice Cutting wrote:
September 22, 2010

I for the life in me cannot understand why one would take natural, wholesome game meat and wrap it in toxic sodium nitrate laced bacon.

KyleW wrote:
September 08, 2010

Steve, I too am lazy; it's why I went into writing. I'm definitely going to try your dipping sauce method.

txsteve wrote:
September 07, 2010

Bacon. No question. Marinate for 48 hours in 1/2 lemon juice, 1/2 italian dressing (salt & worcestershire to taste). Grill on low heat for as long as 45 minutes, and the bacon will protect the dove meat. I used to pull the breasts off and wrap a jalapeno slice & creamcheese in the center (some lovely ladies at a lodge in mexico showed me that trick), but i'm too lazy, so i make a little dipping sauce of diced, pickled jalapenos and creamcheese now. Even non-game eaters love my doves (when i'm inclined to share).