An Online Community for Waterfowlers

Last week I found a social media site that's so good it's now among the windows I quickly minimize whenever my boss enters the room.

It's called the Stormchasers Network, and it's an online community of over 3,600 duck hunters who are passionate, knowledgeable and often a little edgy. Sponsored by Federal Black Cloud ammo, the 2.0 version launched in August 2010 based on suggestions from Stormchasers members. The re-launch is a big-time upgrade, particularly the improved migration map, which allows you to track the waterfowl migration and alert members to ducks in your area.

I signed up last week, uploaded a few hunting photos, and within minutes I had six friend requests and several photo comments. Member participation is huge and, unlike with a facey-spacey or tweety page, there aren't any weirdos, just duck hunters (well, maybe there are a few weirdos, but not many). However, I would like to know who gave my profile only a four-out-of-five duck rating. I was robbed! This, my friends, is a five-duck profile.

The site also features a message board full of the witty banter that occurs whenever duck hunters get together, as well as more informative posts on blind construction, dog training and more.

Oh, and you also have a chance to win a case of Black Cloud.

So check it out and, if you sign up, say hello.

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