Michigan Hunter Shoots 10-point Doe in Velvet

From the say what? file comes this unbelievable story from the great state of Michigan. It seems that longtime hunter Jerry Allen of Allendale has harvested a buck-doe of sorts. I guess you could call this deer the best of both worlds.

“An XX deer is female,” DNRE Wildlife Supervisor for southwest Michigan Sara Schaefer told the Grand Rapids Press. "An XY is male, but if you have an XXY with an extra chromosome, you get an animal producing hormones of both sexes. And, like with people, it is sometimes hard to determine whether they are male or female.”

Allen took down this freak o' nature 10-point while it was still in velvet with his .30-06 at 100 yards. He now plans to mount it. 

“I know a lot about deer and thought I was seeing things. It was freaky,” Yoder told the paper.

Check out the pictures and videos here. Anyone ever seen or heard of anything like it?

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2 Responses to Michigan Hunter Shoots 10-point Doe in Velvet

cuffy meigs wrote:
November 23, 2010

Happened in NE Indiana a few years back in a snowstorm. Lady shot a non typical and turned out to be, if I remember correctly, a 20 point with velvet and both male and female sex organs.

Greg B. of Vestal wrote:
November 23, 2010

I just heard of a NY Hunter who killed a 8 point doe too. Must be contagious!