The Top 10 Wingshooting Stories of 2010

From a colossal man-made disaster, to the indictment of one of waterfowling's biggest names, to the discovery of a famous long-lost shotgun, 2010 was chockfull of wingshooting news. Here's a recap of the year's top stories:

10) Goose Hunters Cause Nuclear Scare
DOH! When two Department of Energy employees placed their goose spread near a nuclear power plant, it caused a brief security scare.

9) Bird Dogs Appear in the New York Times
Also newsworthy: For the first time ever, I said something good about the NYT.

8) Hill's Pet Nutrition Donates to HSUS
The disastrous PR move was rescinded thanks to a firestorm of pressure from gundog owners.

7) USFWS' Plan to Kill Thousands of Resident Geese
It may be necessary, but is it logistically possible?

6) Flanigan Moves from Winchester to Mossberg
This was 2010's major industry coup.

5) Michael McIntosh Passes
The shotgunning community lost one of its most talented writers and biggest champions.

4) Benelli and Tom Knapp Sever Ties
And it didn't exactly end with a handshake.

3) Nash Buckingham's Long-Lost Shotgun Bequeathed to Ducks Unlimited
"Bo Whoop" is finally home.

2) Pro Waterfowler Jeff Foiles Indicted
He allegedly violated the Lacey Act. Plenty of rumors have surfaced since this story broke--I'm reserving judgment until all the facts are known.

1) Gulf Coast Spill's Impact on Waterfowl
No other story comes close to the magnitude of the Gulf oil spill, as it had the potential to severely impact waterfowl species and waterfowl hunting. At this time it appears we won't face a worst-case scenario: No major hurricane thrust oil into brackish and freshwater marshes to the degree feared. However, the full impact of the spill on waterfowl species remains to be seen.

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