Man Shoots at Bird Indoors, Peppers Coworker

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Wingshooting is best enjoyed outside. Why do I again bring up this bit of commonsense? Because the plant manager of the Best Maid Cookie Company in River Falls, Wisc., is facing a felony charge after allegedly shooting at birds in the factory's rafters and wounding an employee in the process.

According to the River Falls Journal, the injured employee claims "he was about ready to toss some cookie dough into a bin when he felt something like a bee sting above his ear. He also claimed to extract a tiny piece of lead from his head. The alleged shooter, the plant manager, was unaware of what happened. He thought he’d just missed the stray bird and walked off."

Police say that after being shot, the employee remained at his post for nearly an hour because he wasn't allowed to leave his cookie machine unattended. And you thought your job was bad!

The River Falls Journal reports that the manager was firing "bird shot from a rifle." I presume this to mean he was armed with rimfire shotshell ammunition. Perhaps that was slightly smarter than using an actual shotgun, however, the use of any type of firearm, indoors, with employees on duty, is still utterly ridiculous.

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2 Responses to Man Shoots at Bird Indoors, Peppers Coworker

Dale wrote:
February 25, 2011

Violations of safey rules and good common sense result in injuries & death each year. THINK before you shoot !

tim wrote:
February 10, 2011

ha ha i work there