Man Pleads Guilty to Poaching 218-inch Buck

An Ohio man has pled guilty to poaching a monster 218-inch non-typical buck in early December and in doing so has set the state record for fines and restitutions in a poaching case. The man will spend 48 hours in a Logan County jail before he will began to recoup the Division of Wildlife for the $23,816.95 in restitution costs.

The story surfaced late last year that two concerned citizens had contacted Ohio wildlife officers Adam Smith and Jeff Tipton about their suspicions as to how and where the trophy was killed.

The official Boone & Crockett number of his monster was 218 7/8. To any lawful hunter this deer was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and a chance to gain hunting fame.Ohio buck

From the ODNR press release:

James C. Alspaugh, 39, of West Mansfield pled guilty to three charges including hunting by the aid of a motor vehicle, shooting from a roadway, and hunting without permission.  The Honorable Judge John Ross presided over the case and ordered Alspaugh to pay $400 in fines, an additional $151.50 in court costs, and to forfeit the deer.

In addition, Alspaugh will lose his hunting privileges for two years. He will be entered into the Wildlife Violator’s Compact and most likely will lose hunting rights in 36 other states.

What are your thoughts?

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9 Responses to Man Pleads Guilty to Poaching 218-inch Buck

Jason B wrote:
March 08, 2011

There is a system used to determine the cost of a trophy deer. I tried it with mine that scored 106 and it came out to $500, but for a 200+ inch deer it would be over $100K..i say any poacher pay that price, not some lousy $24k...that deer is worth much more. the funds can go to a number of avenues, Youth training, handicapped hunts, etc...DNR projects..

concerned citizen wrote:
March 06, 2011

I wanted to see him get more as well...

hunter wrote:
March 05, 2011

i agree with big jake should have been life time lose of hunting rights nation wide 1-5yrs in jail and the $24k

Big Jake wrote:
March 05, 2011

Slap on wrist is an understatement. Should be at least one year in jail and loss of license forever.

Ben O wrote:
March 05, 2011

Dale, Capt, Brad...I agree with you guys. I wrote a few times on Facebook that this guy shouldn't be allowed to go anywhere near the woods for the rest of his life. That buck would have been a fair chase trophy of a lifetime. We have seen too many of these stories of the last few years.

mrurba wrote:
March 05, 2011

that is what he was caught with. if it wasen't a so big would soo many people care ? if they get killed before their time who knows who may have done the same stupid act to a smaller deer with the same geanes

Capt.Guy wrote:
March 04, 2011

A slap on the wrist!!!!! Should be loss of license for min 5 years and 30 days to 6 months on a road crew. Make it hurt.

Dale Morrow wrote:
March 04, 2011

can't say I don't disagree wiht Brad, it seems a small price to pay when others try hard to legally get a deer of this size!

Brad Large wrote:
March 04, 2011

I'm sorry but that seems to be a very small slap on the hand ... I think there should be some new laws added to the DFG book for things like this to pull a persons lic. permeantly ... But thats just me ...