Duck Calls Provide Therapy for Young Patients

This morning's The Outdoor Wire brings us the heartwarming story of duck-call maker Buck Gardner's visit to a children's hospital:

When the local Cabela's store in St. Louis invited world champion duck caller Buck Gardener to provide a fun activity for the patients at Shriners Hospitals for Children®, no one realized that this simple invitation would turn into a great way to help patients with their respiratory therapy.

A cacophony of duck calls raised the decibel level in the hospital's recreational therapy department on March 9 while Gardener and his pro-staffers taught the patients how to properly use their custom-made, hospital-logo duck calls. As the kids were blowing into their calls and trying to be louder than each other, Respiratory Therapist Marcela Spraul entered the room and realized she'd found a perfect tool for helping her patients enjoy their respiratory treatments.

"We walked in and saw all our spine patients - the kids who really need to work on their pulmonary functions - using all their lung power to make their duck calls louder than each other," Spraul said. "We immediately realized that we could use this toy to help make respiratory therapy more fun for the patients."

It's an outstanding story. Read it in its entirety.

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