Famous” BP” Buck Poacher Loses Hunting Privileges

Residents of Oklahoma and Texas had been following the “BP” buck since 2007. Oklahoma Game Warden Shane Fields posted a trail camera photo of the buck on local message boards and the big brute’s mug shot spread around the Web like wildfire. It became known as the “BP” buck because it spent most of its time on land owned by British Petroleum.

Over the next two years, Fields tracked the deer and became determined to protect the monster buck from poachers. But late in 2009 Fields’ worst nightmare came true—the carcass of the famed trophy was found.

From NewsOK.com:

Kenny Nixon, 35, of Bokoshe pleaded guilty on March 17 in Latimer County to several misdemeanor wildlife violations in connection with the “BP” buck, including shooting a deer in a closed season and illegal possession of a whitetail deer.

He admitted shooting the buck with a .25.06 Browning rifle. Nixon was fined almost $5,000 and his lifetime hunting privileges were revoked for 20 years. He still may have to pay as much as $5,000 in restitution to the state.

The “BP” buck measured in at 186 inches typical and 220 inches non-typical. A buck that could have been cherished by a fair chase hunter will now be on display as a part of the educational display funded by the Oklahoma Station Chapter of Safari Club International.

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2 Responses to Famous” BP” Buck Poacher Loses Hunting Privileges

Criss Morgan wrote:
April 07, 2011

I wish I could convince myself that 20 years of not being able to hunt legally would stop Kenny Nixon from illegally killing more deer, but he has already proven that he doesn't care whether he hunts legally or not doesn't matter to him. Jail time wouldn't seem to be too harsh a punishement. If he had only killed a spike buck or a doe, he should have gotten worse punsihment than this. How much would you like to bet that he is caught poaching or hunting again sometime in the future?

Don'tlikekennynixon wrote:
April 07, 2011

Kenny Nixon must surely be a creep of monumental proportions. First he's a poacher. That makes him a real creep. Then he kills this magnificent animal out of season. That makes him a Super Creep. There should be a worse type of punishment than a 20 year suspension of his hunting license and five thousand dollar fine. Something along the line of 5 years in prison without benefit of parole, or twenty years of conservation work on deer management measures.Hang your head in shame Kenny Nixon.