Post Says These Chessies Are "Playing" with Ducks

The Metro section of yesterday's Washington Post contains one of the most unintentionally hilarious news items I've ever seen. Under the headline "Fowl play" appears a photo of a 14-week-old Chessie hungrily chasing down a farm-raised drake mallard. Below that, a 9-week-old Chessie uses its paw to pin a hen mallard and lick her head. The photos, plus some that didn't appear in print, are available online. See photos 6-11 (9 and 10 were print published.)

The Washington Post not only thinks the dogs and mallards are playing, but says the Chessies are just "giving the ducks a workout." Perhaps that description is easier for Washingtonians to stomach with their morning lattes, but clearly this is an exercise in prey-drive development. The aspiring duck dogs may be having fun (and developing instincts that will help them down the line), but the play isn't exactly consensual.

The dogs were photographed at Ches-Shores Kennels, where Loura Waid has bred Chessies for the duck blind and show ring for more than 20 years. (The Post only mentions her success in the show ring.)

What do you think? Maybe The Post is right--are the Chessies and ducks playing?

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