Brown Bear Adventure in Alaska Part 5

It was rainy, it was cold and the clock was ticking. The end of our hunt was looming too fast. What made it worse was that Andrew and I had botched opportunities at bears we should have had.

But luck can change even faster. After several long, tough days, Greg and Stephen had a sudden encounter fall into their laps. The big brown bear was on the move through patchy brush and so the hunters and cameraman Tyler had to move accordingly. And then the bear caught them by surprise—it had changed course and stepped into view much closer than expected, appearing momentarily through a seam in the willows. There was no time to set up, so Stephen just rested his rifle’s fore-end on Greg’s shoulder, and when the bear stepped into the next opening, he fired. And then the bear was gone. It was raining hard, and there was no blood to be found.

Greg came and got Dan, who was hunting with Craig and me, and they searched until dark. No luck, but they vowed to pick up the track again in the morning. The conversation wasn’t so free and easy during our 11th-hour dinner, but all involved were experienced hunters and knew full well our only option was to keep at it.

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