Iowa Gets Dove Season, But Prohibits Lead Ammo

The good news is that final approval for Iowa's long-awaited dove season was granted late last week. The bad news is that the Iowa Natural Resource Commission added an amendment prohibiting the use of lead ammunition when dove hunting.

In the Commission's press release, DNR Director Roger Lande said: "There will be a number of hunters who will be opposed to this decision, but at the end of the day, this action by the commission will help protect Iowa’s environment and wildlife from the adverse affects [sic] of lead."

He's partially correct: Many hunters will indeed oppose the decision, as the cost of non-toxic shot will unquestionably price out a number of sportsmen; however, I disagree that banning traditional ammo will have any positive impact on Iowa's environment. No scientific study yet exists that can convince me to the contrary.

It's also rather alarming that the Iowa DNR's anti-lead argument is nearly identical to the one touted by an extreme anti-hunting group. From an NRA-ILA press release:

Also, the Iowa DNR has a section on its website titled "Get the Lead Out" which has language eerily similar to the Center for Biological Diversity ("Get the Lead Out") campaign—and yes, this is a propaganda piece written by the group that petitioned the EPA to ban all lead and traditional ammunition in America!

The Commission’s first attempt at a traditional ammunition ban was defeated with Governor Terry Branstad’s help, but this amendment has made their intentions clear. Please contact Governor Branstad today and urge him to once again step in and stop this attack on traditional ammunition. To contact the Governor, please click here.

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1 Response to Iowa Gets Dove Season, But Prohibits Lead Ammo

Tigerbeetle wrote:
August 01, 2011

As an ecological risk analyst (not in Iowa, but Iowa is my home state), the biological proof was never there for the prohibition of use of lead shot for ducks. Way back when, I was with EPA in the pesticides and toxics program. At that time, the USF&WS was against the lead ban as there was no ecological risk evidence to support the supposition. There still is not. Nor is there valid ecological risk evidence for upland birds. But the bunny huggers and greenies still clamor from the far left. The next best thing is go buy stock in "non-toxic" shot manufacturers.