Trail-Cam Strategies

Now is the time to start putting out the trail cameras. Many people put out trail cameras in the summer, but as I have stated a few times in this blog and on the videos we have been producing for, bucks have separate summer and fall ranges. The photos you get in the summer are fun, but are not as useful when forming a hunting strategy as many hunters may think. Instead, it is the photos that you get well after the bucks break up their bachelor groups and settle into their fall ranges that reveal the most information. That effort starts right now.

Now is the time to take the trail-camera work very seriously. I have been putting out my cameras in the places I expect to find the bucks on opening day. That way I can possibly get a pattern that I can take advantage of early. I am placing the cameras near food plots, which is where the deer will be focusing in the next few weeks and where I have the best chance of shooting one.

It is also a good time to set up a camera near an oak tree that is dropping acorns, but our farm has a ton of oak trees dropping acorns (thousands of them) so that pattern is way too loose to be worth trying to exploit. If, however, you hunt an area with limited oak trees or the oaks are all concentrated into a small area, it is well worth setting a camera near one of them and trying to find a feeding pattern.

Wherever you decide to place your cameras, now is when it starts to get interesting. This is when the real game begins.

Good luck, and be sure to check out the video.

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