Is This the Best Goose Gear Since the Decoy-Blind?

I present to you the greatest breakthrough in goose-hunting technology since the decoy-blind: Phantom Goose Flag Hats.

According to the company website, the hat "may be worn to face any direction so as to correspond with the same direction as the hunter's spread of decoys. Any movement of the hunter's head will appear as a natural movement among the decoys."

I suggest going out right now and buying one for a favorite hunting buddy. You can always complain to his wife about your hurt feelings should he refuse to wear it for some reason.

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6 Responses to Is This the Best Goose Gear Since the Decoy-Blind?

Rick F. wrote:
June 24, 2012

Great idea anything to add to the decoy spread that looks like a goose

October 12, 2011

I am surprised this hasn't gone viral because it is so stupid.

Rick and Joan Bills wrote:
October 02, 2011

It may look silly, but my husband and I couldn't beleive what happened when wearing this hats while hunting geese in a layout blind. The geese wouldn't fly off as what usually happens when you try to take your shot from the blind. We both limited out in 45 minutes on opening day, bear river open hunting area. You won't beleive it until you try it.

KyleW wrote:
September 22, 2011

Tony, I guess I'll have to wait until the creators of this fine product expand into rabbit hunting.

Muscleand fitnessTony wrote:
September 22, 2011

Will you wear one when you come backk for a bunny hunt with us?

Zack wrote:
September 20, 2011

This is the stupidest thing I ever seen. Looks like a great way to get shot!!!