PETA Asks Middleton to Halt Prince's Bird Hunt

Prince William just wants to take younger brother Harry bird hunting for his 27th birthday, but PETA has called for the event's cancellation. The "animal rights" group known more for over-the-top antics than actual accomplishments has written a letter to William's wife, Princess Kate Middleton, begging her to ask the princes to stop the hunt.

I understand why PETA adopted this strategy—the every move of most PETA males is completely controlled by their PETA wives—but William strikes me as the kind of guy who maintains a 50-percent say in the relationship. However, even if William is as hen-pecked as PETA presumes, this strategy is still going nowhere: the princess is a hunter.

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2 Responses to PETA Asks Middleton to Halt Prince's Bird Hunt

KW wrote:
October 04, 2011

The Royal Family has a proud sporting history. Glad to see that some traditions are being kept alive.

Brian wrote:
September 29, 2011

Tell them to shove it. They kill more animals than any bird hunt.