Go Hog Wild with Winchester Razorback XT Ammo


Winchester Razorback XT AmmunitionThere's no denying it—wild hog populations have skyrocketed in recent years... and so has the interest in hunting the surprisingly resilient boars.

Winchester Ammunition wants to make cutting through the thick hide of wild boars easier, and has delivered the Winchester Razordback XT for just that purpose.

The Razorback XT is a lead-free bullet that sports a beveled profile and hollow point. It packs flash suppressed powders, making it an ideal round to use in the low or no-light situations that hog hunting often calls for.

Winchester is offering the round in two different calibers (.223 and .308). More information can be found in the video below.


Razorback XT Specs (2012):

Caliber Symbol Bullet Weight Velocity
.223 Rem S223WB 64 Grain 3020
.308 Win S308WB 150 Grain 2810

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5 Responses to Go Hog Wild with Winchester Razorback XT Ammo

Ethan wrote:
January 07, 2014

Found them at academy 410 / military san Antonio 27.99 few dollars cheaper than hog hammer and Barnes

Barry Smith wrote:
January 22, 2013

I would like to know if the razor back xt ammo is gonna be available in 270 win cal ?

joel wrote:
January 03, 2013

I shot a 200 # boar at my deer lease in east Texas tonight using razerback xt he dropped in his tracks using my a.r. 15. I was very impressed

Jason wrote:
July 30, 2012

I saw some at Jay's sporting goods in Clair MI.last weekend in 223 http://www.jayssportinggoods.com/

Bruce wrote:
March 17, 2012

I've been hearing about this ammo for some time,but I have yet to find any. Leaving in a week for TX. Sure would be nice to have some .223. Can anyone help me out?