Three-Legged Bird Dog Runs Off, Found a State Away

Here's a dog that knows no disability. An energetic English setter, Zip may only have three legs, but that didn't stop him from embarking on a seven-day, interstate adventure that began in New Hampshire and ended in Massachusetts.

Zip's owner, Peter George, took his young setter grouse hunting on New Year's Eve. He admits Zip is prone to running off and, as such dogs are wont to do, Zip took off during a lull in the action.

"It was just like he up and disappeared," George recalled. "He's run off before, but he's always returned."

George fired a couple shots into the air, hoping Zip would think there was a bird to retrieve and come running. But Zip never came. Dejected and worried sick, George went home.

Then the search began. George and his son posted photos of Zip on various animal websites. On January 4 they were contacted by the Animal Rescue League, which sent out further alerts. Hours later, the Georges had a lead.

"[They said] we think it might be [Zip], because we don't usually come across that many three-legged dogs," George said.

Indeed it was, and a week after he disappeared, Zip was returned by a woman who spotted him along I-95.

"He had a little adventure and got pretty far ... ," George said.

Yes he did. Can you imagine if ol' Zip had four legs?

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