Quest for 450: The Gobbler Coffin

The Gobbler Coffin was an idea Mike had about giving gobblers a nice send off in a pine box like they did in the Old West. The turkey, after all, has been kind enough to come into a call and allow itself to be shot.

Mike drew it out on the back of an envelope, took some measurements off of a dead gobbler he had one day and then gave the drawing to the wood shop guys at Woodhaven Custom Calls to build.

“Nick Riddle, a young man who is a woodworker in my wood shop, took a lot of pride in building the coffin,” said Mike. “It’s a pine-board box with cedar trim and has a laser engraved cedar plaque that says, 'GOBBLER COFFIN’ and the inscription of the phrase I tell all gobblers as I put my foot on their head to seal the deal ‘You shouldn't outta done that.’”

There’s a cedar cross on the lid to top off the decoration of the box. The coffin rides in the back of Mike’s vehicle during turkey season and, with each bird he kills, the turkey rides home in the coffin.

“It’s just one more part of the mystique, intrigue and tradition, or however you want to label it, that surrounds turkey hunting and turkey hunters. It’s serious business to most of us, but it also needs to stay fun,” Mike explained.

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1 Response to Quest for 450: The Gobbler Coffin

neal wrote:
April 09, 2013

Huge fan. Id love to have a gobbler coffin. Let me know how I can get my hands On one please. The next time I bring a bird in I can lay him to rest properly. We all know he shouldnta oughta done that. My next bird will be no.65. Thanks. God bless