Never Forget

This morning I took a walk to clear my head and to get some exercise. I’ve been doing this for quite a few years, and I always carry a handgun on these jaunts. For the last dozen years or so I have lived in states that are relatively gun friendly. It’s easy to get used to the notion of carrying a gun. It wasn’t always so.

There are 41 states that are “shall issue,” or unrestricted in terms of carrying firearms concealed. Eight others are termed “may issue,” meaning if you can prove a so-called just-cause reason to the local law enforcement leader, you can get a permit to carry concealed. One state—Illinois—denies all of its citizens the right to carry for any reason.

The ability to carry a firearm without worrying that some government-sponsored thug is going to throw you in jail is, at once, exhilarating, yet comforting. It should always be. However, that comfort should not decay into lethargy. Firearms rights groups led by the NRA have done an incredible job in restoring our rights. We must never forget that a lackadaisical attitude could reverse this hard work.

So the next time you carry a firearm, in addition to keeping your awareness level up to speed and acknowledging the responsibility you have accepted in carrying, remember that freedom—like glory—can be fleeting. But unlike glory, freedom can be—and must be—defended constantly.

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1 Response to Never Forget

Jeff Segal wrote:
May 18, 2012

This is so true. We must remeber this. It is up to us to protect it.w