Quest for 450: West Bound

Mike Pentecost and crew left Texas feeling a deep sense of gratification after taking three birds in a single day—two in Oklahoma and one in Texas—after several tough days of hunting. In the end, Rush Creek Guide Service and Danny Pierce had come through for Pentecost, who always enjoys hunting Rios with the outfitter.

Loaded up in a truck with cameraman Terry Sullivan, Mike pointed his wheels toward Wyoming driving as far as they could that first day before stopping to rest up. The men were bound for Whitetail Creek Outfitters in Wyoming to pull off what they hoped would be another two state success story going for Number 449 in Montana and finishing up with 450 in Wyoming.

In the hotel that night, Mike flipped through the channels and found what should’ve been the Colorado Rockies baseball game, but there is a rain delay; so he fell asleep. The next morning, while eating breakfast in the hotel lobby, he spied a paper and realized that the Rockies are playing the Braves that weekend! Mike is a huge Braves fan and he is only a couple of hours from Denver where they will be playing again that day. A light goes off in his head.

“I realize we weren’t expected in Wyoming until the next day anyway so why not?” Mike said. So it was to the truck and heading for Denver.

“I was on the phone with the ticketing guy, telling him my whole story and where I’m headed to next and the next thing I know, I have two seats on an aisle just ten rows up from the third base side,” Mike said. “It was a great day and a great win as the Braves swept the series.”

With the game over and back in the truck, Mike and Terry hit the road for Wyoming again, making it as far as Douglas, still a few hours away from their final destination of Hulett.

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