Rage Broadheads

By Paul Rackley

In the process of testing the Barnett Ghost 400, I’ve had a couple of opportunities to hunt urban deer with a depredation permit. It’s been difficult to find time to go hunting, with family obligations and the extreme heat that has been plaguing the country this year. The few times I have been able to climb in a stand, I have come up with a big zero.

That is until recently. Taking advantage of some overcast weather that cooled things down a bit, I climbed into my urban bowhunting stand with the hope of putting meat in the freezer. A storm was starting to move in when I had a fat doe walk out and stroll within 20 yards of the stand, providing a perfect broadside shot.

I took the deer down using a 125-grain Rage crossbow broadhead. I’ve never been a big fan of mechanical broadheads, but a friend and fellow hunter recommended them for use with the crossbow. That deer didn’t run 25 yards before dropping, even though the shot was a little high. I’ve shot deer with a multitude of sporting arms over the years, including rifles, shotguns and compound bows, and I’ve never had a heart/lung shot deer drop as quickly.

Examination showed an entrance wound of just over an inch with a 2 1/2-inch cut coming out. If you’re hunting small properties and need to drop deer quickly, take a look at Rage broadheads. I was very impressed with their effectiveness because I might have lost that deer if I had to track it in the rain.

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3 Responses to Rage Broadheads

Dylan wrote:
December 02, 2012

I recently switched to the Rage Chisel Tip 125 grain and I am super satisfied with their performance. Took a quartering toward shott at a 9 point buck from 25 years and it busted through the ribs and the shoulder blades on its way to a perfect double lung and heart kill. Easy to follow trail even though the deer only ran 20 yards after shot. Fly just like a field tip and cut monster holes. Alpine Silverado ventura 33 in draw 70lb draw

Craig doll wrote:
October 13, 2012

Rage is ok if.... Your shot is broadside. I took a slightly quartering away shot at a nice buck and the arrow entered and hit a rib and rolled the tip causing the arrow to penetrate 10 in. Between the skin and the lung area. Deer was unaffected except for the arrow sticking out and flagging to all that bowhunters Wound deer!! I was pissed. After writing to rage and showing a pic of rolled broadhead i never got a response. Thanks RAGE! For your customer service.

Greg wrote:
August 30, 2012

I have been using Rage 100 grain heads with my crossbow for years and have never lost a deer. They work great!