Moultrie P-150 Panoramic Trail Camera

Moultrie has unveiled the P-150 Panoramic trail camera, one of the most unique and innovative devices of its kinds to hit the market in the last few years. The design involves three infrared motion sensors and a moving lens that travels from one side to the other, covering a 150-degree area. According to Moultrie, the camera will photograph three times the area of the average trail camera.

The 8.0 megapixel lens has two modes: Panoramic and Single Mode. In Panoramic mode, when the camera is triggered, it captures three photos and pieces them together into a single, extra wide image. In Single Mode, the camera lens moves to the area where motion is detected and snaps a single 16:9 photo or video.

Other features include Moultries Illumi-Night Sensor, an infrared flash reaching up to 100 feet at night; "Motion Freeze", which reduces low-light blur; 720p high definition video; time-lapse and multi-shot modes; and camouflage to improve stealth.

Moultrie says up to 9,000 images can be captured on a single set of 6 C-cell batteries. Expect the Panoramic 150 to reail for about $250.

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