Great News!

Gun owners have been taking a beating lately—both in the media as well as from some legislatures. But we've recently scored a victory. My home state of Wyoming passed a bill to decriminalize the use of suppressors while hunting wildlife. We joined 24 other states that recognize that it should not cost one his or her hearing just to be a hunter.

To be sure, it was a bit of a fight. Just as it was when we started pushing “shall issue,” there were the naysayers and hand-wringers that claimed “silencers” were solely the tool of the poacher and how other hunters would be adversely impacted. But our side was calm, cogent, persistent and accurate in our arguments and rebuttals. The result is that we got the legislation passed to remove an arcane and ill-advised law, and our governor signed it into law.

It is refreshing to know that our system of a representative republic still works in some cases. Despite the ideological bickering occurring now in so much of our country, when honest people with good values get together we can still engage in a dialog that results in sensible decisions that benefit the public. I offer my congratulations and thanks to the Wyoming state legislature and Gov. Matt Mead for their consideration and work with this matter.

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1 Response to Great News!

Left Coast Chuck wrote:
March 04, 2013

Considering that on a big bore rifle, the device is only a sound attenuator rather than the more common nomenclature "silencer", it is about time we started saving our and our buddy's hearing. Even pistols are only attenuated. The movies and their pffttt is just like the 25-shot six-shooter.