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Here is a roundup of the delicious wild-game recipes provided by contributor Georgia Pellegrini.


Hunters love reliable guns, a good dog, favorable weather conditions—and great food. contributor Georgia Pellegrini respects that, and has produced a bounty of fantastic wild-game recipes for aspiring cooks to try.

Recipes from Georgia Pellegrini:

Duck, Goose and other Fowl Recipes
- Duck Cassoulet
- Browned Woodcock with Sherry Sauce
- Partridge with Pancetta in Orange Brandy Sauce
- Turkey Brine Recipe
- Wild Turkey Swedish Meatballs
- Duck Confit

- Beer-Battered Fried Dove Breasts
- Wild Turkey Schnitzel
- Wild-Game Tagine
- Whiskey and Honey Glazed Turkey
- Spicy Seared Quail

Deer/Venison Recipes
- Smoked Venison Kielbasa
- Axis Venison Meatloaf
- Liver Mousse

More Wild-Game Recipes
- Buttermilk Fried Squirrel
- Braised Rabbit with Olives and Preserved Lemons
- Homemade Bacon
- Five Simple Wild-Game Appetizers

General Cooking Tips
- The 5 Most Common Wild-Game Cooking Mistakes
- 10 Must-Have Kitchen Tools for Cooking Wild-Game

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