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Ed Weatherby on Weatherby

NRA Editorial Director John Zent recently sat down with the president of Weatherby, Ed Weatherby, to discuss guns, the company's history and the "Weatherby Mystique."

NRA Editorial Director John Zent recently sat down with the president of Weatherby Inc., Ed Weatherby, to discuss guns, the company's history and the "Weatherby Mystique." Son of company founder Roy Weatherby, Ed has worked in the industry for more than 50 years, giving him unique insight into the evolution of the company's firearms and his father's legacy. On behalf of today's generation of riflemen trending toward long-range shooting, Zent posed the question: What would Roy Weatherby tell them? Watch the video to find out.

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5 Responses to Ed Weatherby on Weatherby

Ralph Zampella wrote:
October 04, 2013

I bought my mark V in 1960. I was 18 years old. I don't think I knew what I was doing. Fast foeward to 2013. I'm 71 years old, just returned from my second african Safari. I carried this 300 all over North Anmerica. I'm using the same load I developed for this gun for over 50 YEARS. When I go on a hunting trip for big game a lot of money is riding on this 300 Weatherby cartridge. About 6 years ago I had Weatherby install a fiberglass stock for me. After a couple of days hunting in camp, I'll always get someone to ask me what I'm shooting. I don't come back with horror stories of missing the chance of a life time. I never had a malfunction with this gun, and I never had to do any work to improve it's accuracy, except for the new stock, which I wanted. The Weatherby line of rifles are works of art. keep up the good work. God bless Weatherby

BG T wrote:
October 01, 2013

Picked up my 300 Weatherby Mark V Lazermark about 1982. Not only is it a 'head-turner' but always delivers sub-moa on the range. Just took a WV black bear with it last week. One shot and an immediate kill. This is an awesome rifle and an awesome cartridge. The Weatherby vision brought a lot of versatility to the hunting world and still hangs tough in today's market. Thanks for keeping the vision alive.

Don Coburn wrote:
October 01, 2013

Enjoyed this interview with Ed Weatherby, more importantly, I agreed with him on all points. Truth be told, I have been a Weatherby man since before I could afford to buy my first Custom Mark V in 300 Weatherby Magnum. Since I bought that first one, I've had nothing else in my safe that shoots flatter, hits harder, or is more accurate than my Weatherby Rifles. Since 1978, I remain a Weatherby man, not only due to the great Weatherby Rifles and shotguns I continue to buy, hunt and shoot with. Most importantly to me, I remain a fan of and loyal to Weatherby because Roy Weatherby took the time to personally write me a short letter over thirty years ago. In addition to getting me interested in hunting dangerous game in Africa, that letter from him taught some very keen marketing and salesmanship...not all people are capable of the 'nice touch' but he was. Roy Weatherby created the 'Weatherby Mystique' so many years ago. Today Ed Weatherby, so many years later also has that special quality that makes a rifle, a rifle company, ultra velocity ammunition and an entire new line of Vanguard rifles, semi automatic shotguns and threat response shotguns interesting and exciting in 2013. FYI and BTW, that letter from Roy has adorned a prominent spot on every office wall everywhere I've had an office in the United States, looking at it now as I type. And since it's 4:30 here in the east, I believe I'll pull a cork and raise a glass to that 'Weatherby Mystique' right now.

Sean T wrote:
October 01, 2013

I also have an old German made Mark V Deluxe (.300 Wby Mag). It was the very 1st rifle I bought, I wanted one ever since I was a little kid. I love it! It was a bit of a handful at first but once learned how to hold it and feed it (handloads) properly it started to show its magic. It is an heirloom I will pass on to my kids.

Fred O. wrote:
October 01, 2013

In 1969 I purchased a 300 Weatherby Mark V which was made in Germany. I still have this great rifle including the owners manual. I reload for this caliber and have developed a great pet load which is awesome delivering enough energy down range to give a T Rex a bad hair day. The 300 Weatherby Mark V speaks for itself. Legendary in it's own right it will always be my favorite big game rifle. Thanks Roy for your great contribution that changed the the standard of big game rifles forever. May your legend live on......God Bless.