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National Park Service Donates 3,300 Pounds of Venison

Deer management practices in public parks often lead to harvested deer. What happens to the meat? Find out here.

Donating wild-game meat is a common practice known to hunters. Thanks to the result of Rock Creek Park's deer management practices, the National Park Service was able to donate 3,300 pounds of venison to DC Central Kitchen. DC Central Kitchen cooks and distributes around 5,000 meals to nonprofit partners daily.

“DC Central Kitchen is based on the idea that we can accomplish a great deal simply by effectively and efficiently using the resources we have in our community every day,” said DC Central Kitchen CEO Michael F. Curtin. “Our partnership with the Park Service and this donation of high protein venison is just another example of what we can do together if we are practical and purposeful.”

According to the New York Times, many of the charities were taken aback by the fact that the venison was from the nearby park. Some would not touch the meat, but the overwhelming response was more in line with appreciation because there are a lot of people to feed.

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1 Response to National Park Service Donates 3,300 Pounds of Venison

Myron M wrote:
June 04, 2014

Its Nice to see that all who showed up could enjoy a meal of wild game meat!!