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Hevi-Shot Classic Doubles

Made specifically for shooting in classic shotguns, Hevi-Shot Classic Doubles is the latest evolution of non-toxic shot.


Made specifically for shooting in classic shotguns, Hevi-Shot Classic Doubles is the latest evolution of non-toxic shot. Made by a company called Environ-Metal, its tungsten/nickel/iron pellets raised the lethality bar of non-toxic shot by making it heavier than steel. But original Hevi-Shot, like steel shot, was also too hard to shoot in classic Parker guns, Model 12s, Foxes, L. C. Smiths and others because the barrels of these older guns were made of steel too soft to handle this extra-hard shot. So they were consequently relegated to the gun rack.

With a density of 10.4 grams per cubic centimeter—identical to lead shot—Classic Doubles pellets are made of powdered nickel, iron and tungsten that is blended then formed by compression under extreme pressure. Hevi-Shot’s former VP of marketing, Ron Petty, said, “[Classic Doubles] is dense but pliable, and will not hurt classic double-barrels or fixed-choke guns. We use powders that keep pressures low to reduce felt recoil that also protects the thin stocks of older guns.”

In use, these lead-like Classic Doubles pellets allow me to shoot my 1924 Parker without harm, and they print beautiful, even, virtually identical 72 percent, 40-yard patterns through its extra-full-choked barrels. Even better is how Classic Doubles performs on ducks! And that’s the point of this load. Now you can use your favorite classic gun in the duck blind, legally and effectively.

While hunting in Alberta with Classic Doubles last year, my guide and I found a slough chock-full of mallards that wanted back in following their morning feed. I shot the old Parker, and had the duck shoot of my life.

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1 Response to Hevi-Shot Classic Doubles

Rookhawk wrote:
August 28, 2011

Unfortunately, "Classic Doubles" may not be vintage gun friendly after all. Vintage Guns of the English persuasion and most others were proofed for safe operation at 3 tons, also known as 850 bar, also known as 8925psi. When I asked Hevi Shot for a spec sheet that specified the pressures of their shells, none was provided. Instead, Sean at Hevishot wrote: The Classic Doubles are specifically designed and engineered to be shot through vintage/classic shotguns and all the pressures reflect this. The pressures run ~8500-9500. Thank you for your interest in Hevi Shot. The problem is, 9500psi is not "soft, mild, or vintage friendly". A range of 8500-9500 does not guarantee a light load. In fact, most vintage gun loads are in the 5900-7500psi for safe operation in old parkers just like the one photographed and discussed in the article.