Skeins in the North American Sky: The Return of the Giant Canada Goose

Though assumed extinct prior to 1962, the giant subspecies of Canada goose now numbers in the millions. Here’s how biologists and hunter conservationists brought it back from the brink.


Hunting with Dead Air Suppressors

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The Red Lechwe: Hunting Africa with Kimber New Climbing Stands for 2014 Whitetail Season: Late Season Patterning
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Life Lessons Beneath the Flyway

Like fathers across America who have been teaching their children to hunt for countless generations, Mark Johnstad of Bozeman, Mont., welcomes his 9-year-old son, Cooper, to the wonderful world of waterfowling. Get an inside look at their journey with this photo essay. Photos by Denver Bryan.

Korean-Style Venison

Bulgogi is a marinated, sliced beef that is grilled over fire, or a stove top frying pan. And now you can try it with venison. Check out this Korean-style recipe from Jessica Kim.

Know How: Twilight of the Dogs

No one thinks this is sane. Nevertheless, a few find it addictive. After deer season is long over and icicles are hanging over the front door and winter is deep and cold it is time to go predator hunting in the blackest hours. Field Editor Frank Miniter explains.

10 New Year’s Resolutions Every Hunter Should Make

The heck with joining a gym, saving money and other cliché New Year’s resolutions that nobody sticks with beyond February. How about some that involve hunting?

Talk Back to Coyotes the Right Way

Brush up on your coyote conversation and you could be brushing more fur this season and beyond. Coyote vocalizations can play a vital role in your predator hunts throughout the year, and understanding the language can help you send the right message during any season.

Here Come the Drones

Society’s favorite testing ground for good, bad and simply annoying ideas—yes, YouTube—showed how drones can affect the future of hunting way back in 2011. Field Editor Frank Miniter takes a closer look at the unmanned aircraft systems and the impact they could have on the hunting world.


By Ron Spomer
June 18, 2013

For as long as there have been different breeds of gundog, there have been hunters arguing for the merit of one breed over the other. So, which canine really is the best all-around hunting dog? Ron Spomer thinks he has the answer.

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Latest Comments

Mg wrote:
January 23, 2015

Large Munsterlanders overall good bird dog

Adam L wrote:
December 24, 2014

Brittanys have the most dual championships, (field and show). I understand that my opinion may be biased but my brittanys and the britts i have seen and been around are very versitile. Although their water retrieving is not up to par with a lab mine still retrieves anything i throw or shoot. Honestly there can not be a best gundog, the best gundog is your best friend, the one that makes your day. That would be my brittany for me, i understand you may have other opinions but not everyone has to think alike!

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