Deer Gear for 2012 and Beyond

Whether you’re just getting ready to hit the woods or looking to change your luck, these deer hunting accessories might just do the trick this season.

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3 Responses to Deer Gear for 2012 and Beyond

J wrote:
December 09, 2012

I would rather pay the $200 for a backpack once than $50 every other year. The coment about the arrows does not make any sense unless you are crafting your own bow and arrows or hunting w/ a slingshot...Nothing wrong w. innovative products.

Reginald wrote:
December 03, 2012

How does it compare to the Sony Action Cam? I have some buddies who swear by its low-light footage (perfect for dense cover) and I've played around with it and found it very useful. Check out some of the videos on the Action Cam Tumblr to see it in action: There's nothing hunting related but it still gives you an idea!

Stephen wrote:
December 03, 2012

$200 for a backpack? Wow...wonder what it holds so much better than my $50 one? Hunting needs to go back to its roots. It's not the arrow, its the Indian to re-use a phrase.