Five Great Deer Rifles

The deer rifle remains the quintessential tool of the American deer hunter. Close your eyes and think about deer hunters and you’ll picture a figure cloaked in camo, with a bright orange hat and a rifle slung over his or her shoulder. Here are five rifles—a few classics, a few destined to be—that will serve their owners well when the time comes to take the venison from the field to the fridge.

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2 Responses to Five Great Deer Rifles

Larry Yunker wrote:
November 23, 2012

You forgot the savage, the most accurate of all of the rifles listed.

Max from Colorado wrote:
November 09, 2012

Win. 94 is a great deer gun. I changed to it from my .308 and have killed my last 2 deer with it. The gun is light with a good magazine. Ammo is affordable, easy to reload, and has great knock down power on deer. I don't have a scope and have found that after some practice I learned to trust irons more than my scope up to 100 yards. In Colorado I love to hunt with this gun. It takes a whoopin with the rough country and reliably lays the smackdown when the time comes. Quick to the shoulder and trustworthy. Simply put, it kills deer at ranges that deer are shot, even in the openland of Colorado.