Tactical Hog Hunting Comes to West Texas

American Hunter Field Editor Brian McCombie visited the Spike Box Ranch in West Texas to put some tactical gear to the test in a hog hunt with NRA Outdoors. Check out the gallery he brought back to get a look at how things went.

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3 Responses to Tactical Hog Hunting Comes to West Texas

Bob W wrote:
November 06, 2012

i have a 111 as well in 30-06 and am very please with the sub 1 inch groups at 100 yds she is a real tack driver , keep up the good work savage

Marin Wild Game wrote:
October 24, 2012

That Flagpole is in serious need of a paint job!

Russell G. Stover wrote:
October 23, 2012

I'am a lifetime member who also volunteers for the Friends of NRA here in SE , MO. I am disabled and would love to go hog hunting sometime especially in TX ! I live on a fixed income unfortunately . Is there any way NRAO could help me with my dream hunt ? Thanks so much !