Jewels of the Waterfowl World

The remote habitats, difficulty of hunting and ornate plumage of many ducks haunt some waterfowlers to the point of obsession and world travel. But which species are the most coveted jewels in the waterfowler’s crown?

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3 Responses to Jewels of the Waterfowl World

Douglas Hobart wrote:
March 15, 2012

They missed the baikal teal-probably the best looking teal.

Troy Meyer wrote:
January 01, 2012

I am stationed at Kodiak Alaska with the u.s. Coast guard. I recently started hunting waterfowl and low and behold my first waterfowl taken was a banded Harliquin. I was told I just the won the waterfowl lottery. I had no idea just how lucky I was until I started to research the bird. True to what I was told lottery indeed. I am hooked on waterfowl hunting forever.

Swish wrote:
December 17, 2011

I'll never forget the morning I dropped a Mandarin duck out of a flock of six in Eastern Oklahoma. Talk about confusing for a a couple of weeks trying to sort it out. It was my first mounted bird!