Inside “The Antler Man’s” Horn House

In Three Forks, Mont., they call him "The Antler Man," and for good reason. Jim Phillips has been hiking the hills of his home state for almost 50 years, hunting sheds and compiling a record-book-worthy stash of antlers. But it's not only the 15,307 antlers Phillips has amassed that are worth noting, it's the 30 x 64-foot building that displays his collection. (Photos provided by Jim Phillips)

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2 Responses to Inside “The Antler Man’s” Horn House

Randy Perkins wrote:
January 24, 2013

Wow!!! Another "wanna see" for my hoped-for western vacation! AWESOME!!!

timberghost wrote:
March 05, 2011

seems like a lot of those horns have the skull plate between them. Was he also a hunter or did he find that many dead animals and cut the horns off?