Cold Weather Deer Gear

As deer season enters its final weeks and months, hunters face the most brutal weather Mother Nature can throw at them. To fill that last tag, you’ll need to gut it out in the cold. Here’s the gear that will help you do that.

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2 Responses to Cold Weather Deer Gear

Mohamed wrote:
January 24, 2013

This year at Wayne National Forest, one of Ohio's premium pulbic hunting areas, we found the opening day weather perfect for a stay in the woods. Early, frosty morning gave way to sunlight warm afternoon. We saw over a dozen deer in an area that has few hunters so the deer are not spooked. We saw several nice bucks with one being exceptional and weary. He will be even more exceptional next year. Ohio has some great pulbic land and the maps provided on the MHL website made finding ideal terrain in which to hunt at the Wayne much easier. We are already looking forward to turkey season down there.

Dawn Peterson wrote:
January 13, 2013

Thanks guys! Awesome product picks and very helpful! I am a female hunter and I am always looking for hunting gear to keep me comfortably warm while in the stand! I live in MN so hunting season can be very cold and if your cold it can drive you out of the stand and back to the comforts of home which then ends the possibilities of harvesting an animal! Thanks again for your product suggestions as they are very helpful! I also bow hunt (crossbow) and would love if you could do a product suggestion for that also!