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Mayflower Wheellock Carbine

This wheellock carbine, on display at the National Firearms Museum, was owned by John Alden,...

Oklahoma Hunter Tags 30-Point Drought Buck

Big bucks don’t grow on trees. They grow amid the trees by eating natural forage...

Shooting Uphill and Down

Learn how to hold for steep uphill and downhill shots.

Solids vs. Soft-Points

How does a solid bullet compare to a soft-point on big game?

Handguns For Deer

Are handguns in .357 Mag. powerful enough for deer?

Aging Game Meat

Don't age deer meat at a temperature higher than 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

Trigger Pull Weight

A very light trigger pull weight has its place, but not on a hunting rifle.

Hunting Handgun

Here are some tips for choosing a revolver for hunting.

Cool the Barrel?

If you inspect your target between groups, your barrel should cool sufficiently.

Optical Coatings

Here's an easy way to determine if optical glass is coated.

Shoot Bear Where?

Stopping a bear charge requires quick action and good aim.

Tips on Tipping

What is a typical monetary tip for a hunting guide?

Rust Prevention

Is there anything you can do to remove rust from your gun without damaging it?

Barrel Crowning

The crown—usually in the form of a rounded, raised bevel on today's firearms—is essential for...

Determining Deer Age

With an understanding of how molars wear from year to year and some practice, hunters...

Whitetail Blow vs. Snort

We hear the sounds and we use the terms, but what do they actually mean?...

Unusual Antlers

The configuration and dimensions of deer antlers are dependent on genetics and physical condition, and...

Shot Pellets in Meat

Can shot pellets found in wild game cause lead poisoning?

Traveling With Firearms

Follow these guidelines when traveling with firearms and ammunition.

Wind Deflection

Did you know wind affects high-velocity rimfire rounds more than standard ones?
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