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Video: Duck Hunter Poses as Big Game Hunter

Video: Duck Hunter Poses as Big Game Hunter

Check out this video of a duck hunter who you may recognize posing as a big-game hunter.

To be truthful, I do on occasion hunt animals without webbed feet, but as you can tell from the video's title, my friends at McMillan had a little fun at my expense. The video was shot last June at the El Sauz Ranch in southeast Texas, where I had the opportunity to hunt free-range nilgai. Here's some interesting nilgai trivia for you: While they are native to India, there's actually a greater population in the southern United States and Mexico than the lands from which they originate. And, since nilgai are not a native species, they are hunted in Texas year-round. Nilgai are very tough animals—definitely the "shoot 'til it's down" type. They're also a terrific challenge to stalk, and surprisingly swift afoot given their unique frames and gait. The nilgai is worth the effort though, not just for the sport of it, but because its backstraps are among the tastiest, most flavorful meat I've ever enjoyed.

One final note: When I shot, several mottled ducks flushed from the three-acre pond. I suppose that's something only a waterfowl geek would find really neat.

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