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Does A Gun in the Home Make a Home Less Safe?

Does A Gun in the Home Make a Home Less Safe?

The Myth: A gun in the home makes a home less safe.

We've all likely heard this claim from an anti-gunner among us, and though our guts tell us it's BS (the vast majority of us have lived with many guns for many years without a single incident) we often don't know how to argue it. For the answer, I'llturn to the experts: award winning criminologists and NRA-ILA.

The Expert Deferral: NRA-ILA's Fables and Myths and other Tall Tales about Gun Laws, Crime and Constitutional Rights:

"Firearms are used three to five times more often to stop crimes than to commit them,1 and accidents with firearms are at an all-time recorded low.2 In spite of this, anti-firearm activists insist that the very act of keeping a firearm in the home puts family members at risk, often claiming that a gun in the home is '43 times' more likely to be used to kill a family member than an intruder, based upon a study by anti-gun researchers of firearm-related deaths in homes in King County (Seattle), Washington.3 Although Arthur Kellermann and Donald Reay originally warned that their study was of a single non-representative county and noted that they failed to consider protective uses of firearms that did not result in criminals being killed, anti-gun groups and activists use the '43 times' claim without explaining the limitations of the study or how the ratio was derived.

"To produce the misleading ratio from the study, the only defensive or protective uses of firearms that were counted were those in which criminals were killed by would-be crime victims. This is the most serious of the study's flaws, since fatal shootings of criminals occur in only a fraction of 1% of protective firearm uses nationwide.4 Survey research by award-winning Florida State University criminologist Gary Kleck, has shown that firearms are used for protection as many as 2.5 million times annually."

The Conclusion: This myth is totally false, and anti-gunners can't standit.

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