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The Top 10 Fastest Birds

The Top 10 Fastest Birds

The great snipe doesn't exactly look like an athlete, but a new study found that the chubby little shorebird is the fastest migrator on earth, averaging 60 miles per hour for up to 4,200 miles.

What's the fastest bird over the short haul? The top 10 is loaded with ducks (so don't feel so bad next time you miss one):

10. Northern Pintail: 65 mph

9. Mallard: 65 mph

8. Eurasian/Common Teal: 68 mph

7. Common Eider: 70 mph

6. Canvasback: 72 mph

5. White-rumped Swift: 77 mph

4. Red-breasted Merganser: 80 mph

3. Spur-winged Goose: 88 mph

2. Frigatebird: 95 mph

1. Spine-tailed Swift: 106 mph

Note that this listonly considersspeed generated via the wings. If we include speed generated through diving, the champion is the peregrine falcon. Itcan reach over 200 mph as it descends upon prey.

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