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Deer Hunting Guidebook

Deer Hunting Guidebook

The planting of food plots has become a big part of deer habitat management. Each year millions of dollars are spent on the planting of food plots. However, many hunters and landowners overlook the naturally occurring deer food plants already on their property that with a little care will produce an abundance of food for deer at little cost. "How to Manage Native Plants for Deer" gives the reader the information he needs to locate and manage a wide range of native and naturally occurring plants that deer love.

Deer hunting is always better, and attracts deer from greater distances, when the total habitat is managed. Selecting and fertilizing native and naturally occurring plants is an easy way to improve land for deer, and compliments the planting of food plots.

Designed to be pocket sized and easy to read, this little guidebook makes an ideal gift for the beginning hunter or master of the woods. It's everything you need to know about managing the food sources you already have on your property and in a 101-page guidebook that will fit in your hunting pack or in the glove box of your truck.

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