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Maine Hunter Harvests 20-Point Buck

Maine Hunter Harvests 20-Point Buck


Lucas Clark, 15, of Northpoint took down a buck that dreams are made of during a mid-season rifle hunt in his home state of Maine.The 20-point had an impressive rack with three main beams, one of which was almost two inches in diameter.

“Everybody said I had to leave the head by the tailgate of the truck so that the people who were driving behind us could see it,” Clark told the Bangor News Daily. “We had a line of people following us that pulled into the store just to look at the deer. Then we had people that were at the store that came over to check it out — they had to have pictures. And there were people who would drive by and see either me holding it up or a lot of people, so they’d turn around and come see what it was.”

Read the full story in Bangor News Online.

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