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iPhone Apps for the Hunter in You

If you don’t have an iPhone or some other smart gadget, get with the program and enjoy these great advantages before, during or after your hunt.

Conflict at First Light Pt. II

For hunters, some of the truest tests of character come after the shot is fired.

Squirrel Rifles for Every Budget Pt II

Here are seven tried-and-tested rifles ranging in price from less than $500 to $1,300.

Remington's R-15 VTR Pt II

At 7.75 pounds with a 22-inch barrel, Remington’s semi-automatic R-15 makes an ideal predator rifle.

Lanber Grey Stone Light Specs

The Lanber Grey Stone is about the nicest bird gun you’ve never heard of—light to carry, easy on your pocketbook and hard on the birds.

Nosler M48 Varmint Specs

From its desert tan color to its slick, short-throw bolt, and incredible accuracy, this is a perfect coyote hunting rifle that will easily handle rodent work, too.