Skeins in the North American Sky: The Return of the Giant Canada Goose

Though assumed extinct prior to 1962, the giant subspecies of Canada goose now numbers in the millions. Here’s how biologists and hunter conservationists brought it back from the brink.


Hunting with Dead Air Suppressors

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The Red Lechwe: Hunting Africa with Kimber New Climbing Stands for 2014 Whitetail Season: Late Season Patterning
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By Ron Spomer
June 18, 2013

For as long as there have been different breeds of gundog, there have been hunters arguing for the merit of one breed over the other. So, which canine really is the best all-around hunting dog? Ron Spomer thinks he has the answer.

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Latest Comments

Payce wrote:
February 22, 2015

Every dog can be the best, at least if you own it, hunt it, and it becomes part of your family. There area lot of great breeds, some more specialized than others and always exceptional dogs in each bread. I've been blessed to own three dogs from different breeds that all became part of our family and great dogs to hunt behind, a Lab, English Cocker, and right now a Chessy with no quit in him no matter how long the day or how bad the weather. Next dog will be probably be a GWP, a PP or maybe a WPG. Not sure, but at that time no doubt it will be a great joy to hunt with. Enjoy them all and don't knock another man's or women's choice.

Mg wrote:
January 23, 2015

Large Munsterlanders overall good bird dog

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