10 Do’s and Don’ts for Better Bow Practice

Don’t just fling arrows to fling arrows; make the most of your range time by practicing perfectly.


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10 Do’s and Don’ts for Better Bow Practice

Don’t just fling arrows to fling arrows; make the most of your range time by practicing perfectly.

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By Doug Howlett
August 22, 2011

Fixed-blades, mechanicals, cut-on-contacts—here’s how to select the best arrow point for the job.

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Tommy wrote:
July 20, 2014

Do rocket steelheads open in mid flight or when they hit

Anonymous wrote:
April 20, 2014

All of you who have problems with fixed blade heads either don't know enough about archery to get them to fly right, or you are just plain lazy! I have been able to get every fixed blade I have ever owned to fly like my field points. These include the following heads: Slick Trick Grizz Trick, Wasp Hammer SST, Muzzy 3 and 4 blade, VPA Terminator. Its really not that difficult to make happen if you understand enough about archery. There is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to shooting fixed blades. Your bow should at least be paper tuned, preferably with bare shafts! Then, you must make sure that your broadheads spin perfectly on the end of your arrow. If you detect a wobble, try a different arrow or you can square the end of the insert with some sand paper so the broadhead sits straight inline with your arrow when tightened down. You should have a good FOC also. All of these things perfected, you still may have flight problems if you don't choose a quality broadhead. Slick Tricks work the best for me! And don't let anyone tell you that big fixed blades don't fly well out of faster bows. I shoot a Z7 Xtreme with a 29' draw at about 74 pounds. With this setup, I can shoot a four-blade, 1 1/4' cut, Grizz Trick right with my field tips at 60 yards. Expandables work too!!!-some of the time! That's why I will stick with a quality fixed blade. And I don't consider Muzzy a quality head by the way. Aluminum ferrules and thin blades don't stand up to shoulder blades very well! Sorry Muzzy! If you don't understand the aspects of tuning broadheads, talk to a traditional archer! You can learn a lot from them. You can also go to 3riversarchery.com and learn about this stuff too! I am only 19 by the way, so if I can understand this stuff, most of you guys should be able to figure this out if you dedicate a little time and patience into your archery practice. In the end, it all comes down to one question. How much do you value recovering that trophy of a lifetime when you have shot him square in the shoulder??? Fixed blades forever! Good luck!

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