Cabela’s New Instinct Archery Gear

Scouring over the throngs of archery gear this summer, Assistant Editor Jon Draper came across a name that he wasn’t expecting to see: Cabela's. He knew he had to put it to the test.


New Treestand Safety Products for 2014

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By Doug Howlett
August 22, 2011

Fixed-blades, mechanicals, cut-on-contacts—here’s how to select the best arrow point for the job.

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Mike wrote:
August 21, 2014

Shot Muzzy's for years and tracked a LOT of deer for hundreds of yards. Lost several that just kept on going. Saw one get spooked by a coyote and run off after being liver shot. Switched to 2 blade Rage 4 years ago. I've shot 7 deer so far with the Rage and my longest tracking job was 70 yards. Several fell within 20 yards. Most expired within sight of my stand. I was shooting a Hoyt Trycon, 65 Lbs, 27.5 and got complete pass thru on every deer. Now I'm shooting Bowtech Experience same numbers. (Excellent Bow) Success is measured by your own experience with your equipment. I highly recommend the Rage if you shoot similar equipment as I do. I also use the little orange collars that cover the O-ring. They never open accidentally any more. Oh ya, they deployed perfectly on every deer I shot. Maybe I'm lucky, maybe it's because I clean and inspect all of my gear prior to Every hunt.

Tommy wrote:
July 20, 2014

Do rocket steelheads open in mid flight or when they hit

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