Adventure in Africa: Cape Buffalo with a Bow

On August 13 I returned from a fabulous 10-day bowhunting trip on the Eastern Cape of South Africa with my friends, owner/PH Andrew Renton and PH Marius Potgieter of Kei River Safaris It was my second time with Kei River. Five years ago it was a plains game hunt extraordinaire. This time it would be the same, but with a bit of a twist. This time, we’d first target Cape buffalo with the bow.

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1 Response to Adventure in Africa: Cape Buffalo with a Bow

Mrakesh wrote:
October 31, 2012

Hannah the rocks are a lot of fun and as many times as I have been there in the past 30 years it never gets old.I have been going there since before they srteatd charging for the experience.This year I would like to go and take some time lapse photos of the tide going out.