Best Treestands for 2012

Hunters need to be able to sit comfortably and quietly for hours if they're going to outwit a mature buck. Considering bowhunting means having to get that much closer to your quarry, a stand designed to be comfortable and quiet without compromising strength or stability just may tip the odds in your favor. So whether you prefer portable or ladder stands, you'll want a sneak peek at these for 2012.

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7 Responses to Best Treestands for 2012

chris wrote:
December 30, 2012

Where can i purchase these?

Joe Hall wrote:
September 21, 2012

Have used Family Traditions stands for many years. They are long lasting, safe and comfortable. Was also looking for a comparison of brands.

Randy W. wrote:
September 19, 2012

I'm glad to see they put weights on the climbers. Would have also liked to see estimated prices of the stands.

Steve Miller wrote:
September 10, 2012

I was a bit disappointed in this article. I truley expected a comparison of stands. I can tell you that on my farm I have 14 ladder stands from 6 different manufacturers. THE most comfortable and the one all my buddies seek out is the Family Tradition. It is comfortable and safe. I recommend the height extender. Next up is probably the Ol' Man stand. Also when I look at stands key are a big standing platform, width for the big boys in camp, a comfortable seat, and of course safety.

T. Mc Hugh wrote:
September 05, 2012

I agree w/ earlier comment regarding Family Tradition stands. I bought a ladder Stand with a lounge chair so comfy & quite It's hard to beat. Plus the ladder rungs are Doubled for extra strength. Great design!

Dave Smith wrote:
August 26, 2012

In your quest to find the top treestands for 2012, did you evaluate the stands from Family Tradition Treestands?

tim wist wrote:
August 20, 2012

need to have the standing platform extend under the seat for storage of the extra stuff you always bring with you...back pack, rain coat, etc